Designed by Recording Architecture, the studio was put together specifically for music-for-picture applications. The space is split between a large control room/writing room and an adjacent live area, with acoustically isolated space for recording up to four musicians. Recording/mixing duties are handled by a mac-based ProTools HD3 rig, whilst a separate Logic rig is used for composing/programming. A further machine room houses four custom sampler-PCs,  running Kontakt and other software instruments, hosted on Cantabile, offering several of the major scoring libraries, in addition to custom libraries created ‘in-house’.


  • ProTools HD3, 3 x interface – MacPro
  • AVID Control 24
  • Logic running on dedicated MacPro with MOTU PCI-E interfaces
  • 4 x custom sampler PCs running Kontakt and various other software instruments
  • ATC 150 – 5.1 main monitoring
  • Dynaudio AIR – near-field monitoring
  • Preamps include Avalon, EMI Chandler, EMI, Joemeek
  • Outboard includes Empirical Labs, Neve, TC Audio, Bellari
  • Plugins by Sonnox, Neve, Bombfactory etc
  • Orchestration/music prep – Sibelius
  • 2 x Canopus ADC100 for picture playback
  • Mics, various – include Neuman and AKG
  • Synth/Keyboards – various including Roland/Moog/Fender-Rhodes
  • Onsite archiving AIT and DDS
  • Offsite archive on iDrive over dual bonded ADSL